Fulfill your dreams,
achieve your potential.


Learn Japanese together with friends from all over the world. Get lost in the unique culture and breathtaking views of Japan. All these experiences and more can be yours through SAMU Language School,leading you to the future you desire.

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At SAMU Language School, the classes you take are based on your Japanese proficiency. Under the guidance of our teaching staff,you can refine all aspects of yourself in addition to improving your Japanese,allowing you to better navigate the world.

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Continuing Education

Dedicated faculty and staff are here to support you in continuing your education, whether it be moving on to university, graduate school, or vocational school.

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Finding Employment

We support students as they look toward employment in Japanese companies, from lessons on how to write your resume to mock interviews and advice on searching for jobs.

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The SAMU Times


Let us answer any questions you may have, from preparing to study abroad to what to do in case of emergency.

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