The SAMU Times


Infection Control Measures for Coronavirus



At SAMU, we take the following measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


  • Control Entry into and Departure from Japan

・Visitors from the countries and regions (Hubei Province and Zhejiang) where the infection is spreading are not allowed in the school.

・Prohibition of travel to the countries and regions by the students and


  • Preventive Measures in School and Classrooms

・Put hand sanitizer, Cleverin, and air cleaners in the reception area and each class.

・Provide masks and thermometer.

・Encourage hand washing and gargling before class starts, and wearing of mask during class.

・Ventilate and sanitize each class and hallway during breaks.

  • About closing of school, missing class, and school events

・We follow the policy of Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau regarding the leave of absence and closing of school.

・We will decide whether we hold school events considering the situation

in the future.

  • Others

・Any student who has a fever or has been in contact with an infected person will be suspended until he/she gets a diagnosis by a doctor.

・Any student coming from the countries and regions where the infection is spreading or who has been in contact with a person from those places will have to stay at home for two weeks.


At the moment, there are no students suspected of being infected with the Coronavirus. However, we will continue to handle the situation appropriately and promptly according to circumstances.