Lessons and encounters that can change your future.

The four characteristics of SAMU Language School


Our exceptional lecturers provide practical Japanese lessons. We've created a curriculum designed to improve your Japanese ability by learning while having fun. Additionally, SAMU Language School has students enrolled from over 30 countries. This allows you to interact with not just Japanese, but many different cultures, growing on a daily basis.


We provide many opportunities to learn more about Japan, with days set aside to experience wearing kimono, tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, etc., skiing and hot springs trips to famous locations such as Kusatsu, and more. In addition, we also hold a number of school events to fill your time abroad with excitement, such as barbeques at parks overlooking the Odaiba sea, athletics meets held outdoors, and singing contests with everyone in the class.


Our campus is located in Shinjuku, the heart of Tokyo. Shinjuku is an area filled with skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, large commercial facilities, and entertainment districts such as Kabukicho and Golden Gai. Shinjuku is not only the home of SAMU Language School, but also the center of Tokyo, making it a prime location for commuting, shopping, play, and work. The school is conveniently located, only a three-minute walk from the nearest station, and there are plenty of transportation facilities available for commuting.

Universal Support

In addition to helping with studies, our teachers and staff will not only offer earnest support for daily life such as housing and part-time jobs, but will also sit down and discuss any troubles or worries you may have. We're ready to support each and every student as they look toward their future, be it entering a Japanese university or vocational school, or joining a Japanese company. Make your dreams come true at SAMU Language School.