Supporting your individual future through expert advice and employment support programs.

Let us create a program that will support you on your path toward employment.
We also offer advice from professional career counselors.

Recently, Japanese companies are increasingly hiring highly qualified and expert global talent.
To get a job in Japan however, you must understand the different types of employment in Japanese companies, how job hunting works, and more.
SAMU Language School has employment support programs through our group company Bridge Academy, aimed at helping you find employment in the company or industry you desire.
Find a company you are able to thrive in while receiving advice from professional career counselors.

Employment support program

Employment support program Details
Job hunting preparation Listen to explanations on the preparations you will need to make before starting your job search in earnest.
Employment After taking a vocational aptitude test, explanations are given on how to search for companies you can apply for, Japanese recruitment, and working conditions.
Applying Listen to explanations on the flow of job- hunting, from approaching companies to application, selection, and recruitment. Practice self-analysis and self-promotion methods, as well as writing your resume.
Putting skills into practice After receiving explanations on the knowledge and manners required for the application and interview process, practice question and answer sessions through mock interviews.
Individual interviews Confirming your desired industry and background, a resume and job history are created.
Job seekers are registered with Bridge Academy.
Matching with companies Interviews are held to introduce and match with companies that are hiring.
Explanations will be given on how to apply for companies if you meet their conditions, and we will help you prepare the necessary documents.
Company screening preparation Practice selection tests, interviews, and self-promotion.
We will also prepare for internship screening as necessary.
Application for Change of Status of Residence After a decision has been made, we will assist you in applying for a Change of Status of Residence.

Companies our students have continued on to

  • FamilyMart Co., Ltd.Convenience store chain
  • ZASA Co., Ltd.Real estate agency
  • Kotera Product FactoryElectronic equipment manufacturer
  • Shane CorporationEnglish school
  • Chojo Consulting Co., Ltd.HR consulting
  • Sania Co., Ltd.Metal processing
  • Omori Shokai Co.,Automobile machine manufacturing and sales
  • Kenko Shiko Co., Ltd.Food manufacturing and sales
  • Video Information Center Co., Ltd.Restaurant industry
  • AR Co., Ltd.Social application planning and development
  • AP CompanyRestaurant industry
  • Gold Lavender Co., Ltd.Communication equipment sales
  • Karakuri-ismApplication and game development
  • Hitachi, Ltd.Electronic equipment manufacturer
  • Great Life Co., Ltd.Restaurant industry
  • Osmo Co., Ltd.Water purifier sales
  • Newton CorporationInterpretation and translation
  • OAS CorporationWeb system development
  • Enh-Net tServer consulting