Strongly supporting your future education path through individual guidance and specialized programs.

Let us create a program that will support you on your path toward continuing your education.

There are a number of differences in the procedures and methods between the school system in your own country and Japan.
SAMU Language School offers a comprehensive educational support program so that students can continue on to their desired educational institution smoothly.
Let our support program be the first step of your Japanese career.

Continuing Education Schedule and Support Program

Schedule Support program Details
- Continuing education preparation meeting We thoroughly explain the preliminary knowledge necessary to attend institutions of higher education in Japan (graduate school, university, vocational school).
We then set a goal for continuing education after graduating.
May Participation in open campus and trial experience events for universities/vocational schools EJU explanation meeting It is necessary to take the "Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)" to attend university in Japan. This meeting explains a basic overview of this test as well as the scores needed for each university. A mock test is held, and goals are set.
Graduate school explanation meeting For those wishing to continue on to graduate school, the meeting explains the procedure for doing so, from searching for a laboratory to writing a research plan.
First EJU test prep class A special lesson on test preparation for applicants so that they can pass the EJU with a high score and go on to their target university.
June First EJU held Consultation and advice for continuing education Talk with SAMU Language School alumni who graduated and continued on with their schooling, offering advice and their experiences mainly in their mother language.
Here you can obtain valuable information, including Japanese language school attendance rates, Japanese proficiency, necessary tuition and documents, etc.
In addition, representatives of universities and vocational schools will provide detailed explanations.
July First JLPT held Continuing education prep lessons begin Before full-scale continuing education activities begin, thorough, easy-to-understand explanations are given on searching for schools, writing application forms and reasons for applying, points to be aware of during interviews, and more.
September - Continuing education fair Participate in continuing education fairs, where a variety of booths are exhibited for graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools.
You can listen to detailed school explanations from the representatives of each school.
October University/vocational school
• Confirming entrance requirements
• Begin applying
Vocational school
• Entrance examinations begin
Second EJU test prep class -
November Second EJU held - -
December Second JLPT held Consultation and advice on continuing education We invite representatives from universities and vocational schools to give advice and consultation to those with worries such as not being able to decide on a school or those who could not make it into their most desired school.
January University
• Entrance examinations begin
- -

We offer personalized support for continued education through a homeroom teacher system.

In addition to the continuing education support programs, SAMU also carries out personal interviews through homeroom teachers.
We will provide you with responsive and precise support that match your individual needs.

From researching your desired school to exam planning and admission preparation

We ask you about your desired school and department, tuition conditions, etc., and explain how to find a school that meets your requirements.

Refining goals
Select a number of desired schools based on those you are interested in, those suggested to you by your homeroom teacher during consultation, etc.

Exam planning
Participate in your schools' open campuses and gather detailed information, then discuss schools you wish to apply to and exam planning.

Admission preparation
After passing the entrance examination, items such as payment of tuition fees and enrollment procedures will be explained.

Exam preparation
The proper clothing and manners for the interview are explained, and practice interviews are held.

Application preparation
Individual explanations are held for preparing the required documents, filling out the application form, application methods, etc.

Schools our students have continued on to

A number of graduates from SAMU Language School have gone on to institutions for higher education, in a wide range of fields.
After graduating they have flourished in various fields including employment, entrepreneurship, specialized research, and more.

Primary destinations

Graduate school University of Tsukuba, Teikyo University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo University of Science, Hosei University, Musashino University, Yokohama National University, Rikkyo University, Waseda University
University Asia University, Kokushikan University, Sophia University, Takushoku University, Teikyo University, Digital Hollywood University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Toyo University, Japan Institute of the Moving Image, Nihon University, Hosei University, Waseda University
Vocational school Akahori Confectionary College, JTB Travel & Hotel College, Sundai Vocational School Group, ESP Musical Academy, Hiko Mizuki Jewelry College, Tokyo Kouka Jidosha University, Tokyo Confectionary School, Tokyo Designer Institute, Tokyo Mode Institute, Toho Gakuen Vocational School Group, Japan Electronics College, HAL Tokyo, Hollywood University of Beauty & Fashion, Bunka Fashion College

Designated school recommendation

SAMU Language School, with its proven track record of academic achievement, has been certified as a designated school by a number of universities and vocational schools.
Students with outstanding attendance and grades, and who excel in the classroom, can take examinations with the designated school recommendation.
Taking exams with this recommendation infers a number of benefits, including exemption from the entrance exams, reduced tuition, and more.

List of designated schools

University Kaetsu University, Kyoei University, Shiseikan University, Shumei University, Shobi University, Josai University, Daiichi Institute of Technology, Chuo Gakuin University, Tokyo University of Information Sciences, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Social Welfare, Toyo University, Bunka Gakuen University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Musashino University, Institute of Technologists, Ryutsu Keizai University
Junior College Tokyo Management College, Josai Junior College
Vocational school Ohara Accounting School, College of Business and Communication, Kashiwagi Business College, CAD Drafting College, Shurin Kanai Gakuen, Sundai Computer & Business College, Sunday Travel & Hotel College, Japan Hotel School, Hiko Mizuki Jewelry College, Yomiuri College of Car Mechanics, Tokyo Animation College, Tokyo Kouka Jidosha University, Tokyo Kouka College, Tokyo College of Cycle Design, TOKYO SHOKA&HOKA BUSINESS COLLEGE, Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, Tokyo Confectionary School, Tokyo Tama Technical College For Cooking, Tokyo Technical College, Tokyo Design College, Tokyo Toshima IT Medical and Welfare College, Nihon Kogakuin, Nippon Design Welfare College, Japan Electronics College, Hollywood University of Beauty & Fashion, Hospitality & Tourism Technical School, Yomiuri Institute of Technology & Welfare