Gayduk Valeriya

Long-term (2-year) course graduate

I want to launch a jewelry line in the Japan I admire.

I could only speak single words and short phrases when I initially started studying abroad, and I was not accustomed enough to Japanese to understand the situation or speak naturally.
SAMU's lessons were always interesting, almost like a game.
Through classes and events I was able to deepen my understanding across national and ethnic barriers, and it was encouraging to be able to build trusting relationships with my teachers, regarding them like family.
After graduating from SAMU, I went on to study jewelry techniques and design at Hiko Mizuki Jewelry College.
In the near future I'm hoping to launch my own original brand that makes full use of my own sensitivity.
From my original love of Japan, I found my goal of wanting to become a jewelry designer.
I recommend everyone enroll with SAMU while thinking about the path they want to take after graduating.

*Individual account.