Hoang Thi Trong Nhan

Long-term (18-month) course graduate

With what I learned at SAMU held close to my heart, I aim to become a Japanese teacher with close ties to my students.

After graduating from SAMU I enrolled in the Faculty of Global Studies at Musashino University, and am now working hard to become a Japanese teacher.
While attending university I also volunteer with my friends, holding Japanese study courses for Vietnamese students through a Japanese language school.
I use SAMU classes as a model, but when I see students earnestly trying their best to learn, it reminds me of myself in the past and gets me excited.
Of all the memories I made at SAMU, the school events have stuck with me most.
There were always school events happening, which allowed me to get used to Japanese culture and life much faster than I would have otherwise.
Group activities such as the athletic competitions and singing contests in particular helped me learn compassion and cross-cultural communication with others.
For me, studying at SAMU was extremely fulfilling, both publicly and privately. It’s an experience I treasure.
Those precious days I spent with kind teachers and friends support me even now.

*Individual account.