Khatri Romi

Long-term (18-month) course graduate

I want to contribute to the development of my home country using the hospitality and first-rate customer service I learned in Japan.

I decided to study abroad in Japan, focusing on the experience of visiting Japan as an exchange student and finding employment in the hotel industry.
SAMU's classes were always fun, and my new friends also made good rivals, helping me redouble my efforts every time they used a new word so that I wouldn't lose to them.
I'm currently working at the front desk of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo.
Many customers at the hotel walk around with bright expressions and smiles on their faces, and I'm doing my best to make them smile even more.
I want to build up my career at first-class overseas hotels and eventually open a hotel in my home country.
Although Nepal is an attractive country, it is still not that popular as a tourist destination, and the level of customer service in the hotel industry has a lot of room for improvement.
I want to work toward developing my home country, taking advantage of the Japanese idea of "omotenashi" (hospitality) and the world-class service cultivated at first-class hotels.

*Individual account.