Chen Xiao Huang

Long-term (21-month) course graduate

University life lets me enjoy myself freely!
That's why I want to take control and continue to grow.

I set up my plans to study abroad with SAMU personally. SAMU’s website helped me to take the first step to achieve my dream.
I was able to use the phone and e-mail to ask staff anything I didn't understand, and I remember the process being quite smooth as a whole.
When I actually got to the school, I felt a sense of security, as though I were still in my hometown.
Teachers always gave me good advice when I talked with them, doing their best to help.
Thanks to that support I was able to pass the JLPT N1 while attending SAMU, and afterwards I enrolled in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University through a vocational school.
I'm part of a band at school, as the vocalist.
University gives you the freedom to spend your time however you like, so I'm enjoying myself quite a bit.
But there's a fine line between being free and acting however you please, so I continually emphasize the fact that I'm responsible for myself.

*Individual account.