Application Form and Procedures

Application form and Procedure

Applicants who live outside Japan and wish to apply for long-term course need to acquire a student visa. At the direction of the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau, SAMU Language School requires applicants to prepare the following documents in order to process their applications in timely manner. Application documents differ according to nationality, region and your background so please ensure you confirm with school office which documents are necessary for your application.

Timetable from Application to Admission

Admission term Application and registration fee payment Issue Certificate of Eligibility and school expense payment Apply for Visa for Japanese Embassy in home country Admission schedule
April Term September - November February March April
July Term December - February May June July
October Term February - April August September October
January Term May - August November December January


Application Documents

Please note that applications are no longer accepted once the quotation is full.
Application periods may be extended, but applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible,please contact us for more information.

Long-term Courses Applicant


※The above-required documents might differ for each country, please feel free to contact us for details.

1.Application Form (designated form)

2.Resume (prescribed form)

3.Diploma from highest educational institution (original copy)

4.Transcript from highest educational institution (please submit proof of enrollment if currently enrolled in school; please submit employment certificate if currently employed)

5.Certificate of Japanese study

6.8 Photos (4cm x 3cm)

7.Passport copy

【Financial supporter】

1.Letter of Financial Support (prescribed form)

2.Certificate of bank balance

3.Copy of bank statement (3 years)

4. A. For Business owners・・・・・Income tax statement (3 years)
                   Business permit
  B. For company employees・・・Employment certificate
                   Income certificate (3 years)
                   Income tax statement (3 years)

5.Copy of family register

Documentation requirement may vary due to applicant's nationals, for more details please contact school office

Adobe Reader

Short Term Course

Applicants must have "Certificate of Eligibility" for Short-Term Stay (90 days) and permission to obtain resident status.

●Application form(prescribed form)

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