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Greetings from the President

More and more we are witnessing a genuine internationally minded generation that overcome cultural and linguistic barriers.
We SAMU Language School, believe that we provide good opportunity to students who feel there are unlimited possibilities in the future, try to fulfill their dream and feel that each new encounter is important. Those points will help you build your own future.
We are located in a good environment of the capital Tokyo. Our teachers are all experienced and devotedly support the students who want to be involved in Intenational societies as well as mastering Japanese.
We promise that our original curriculum will make you feel comfortable in your study environment while you stay with us. Through mastering Japanese you will widen your horizon for the future.

President Shuichi Suzuki

Message to Students

SAMU Language School offers courses in the learning of Japanese language and Japanese culture for international students coming from different parts of the world.
We also provide advices and support to ensure a safe and at ease environment for our international students during their stay in Japan.
I wish each of you would be able to realize your dreams.
If Japanese culture and language are essential parts in realizing your dreams, please come and study at SAMU Language School.
A team of well experienced instructors and staffs will be more than glad to assist you in realizing your dreams.

Vice President Eiichi Suzuki

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We have the best teachers!

The teachers at SAMU Language School (Japanese School) are well trained and experienced. Periodical peer evaluations take place among teachers to guarantee that excellent and high quality education is delivered to our students.
Besides carrying out lessons, our teachers are passionate in what they do and they also motivate students to learn about Japanese language and cultures. Our teachers provide the essential supports in helping students achieve their goals in Japan.
>>>Samu Language School’s teachers' profiles.


At Samu Language School (Japanese School), students who excel in the classroom, have exceptional grades and attendance rates are eligible to apply for school scholarships and scholarships offered by external organizations.
Incorporated Administrative Institution Japanese student services/Honors Scholarships for privately financed international students.

Period During the school year of April to March of enrollment (1 year)
Amount 48,000 per month
Eligibility Students who have a monthly attendance rate of 90%,exceptional grades, and excel in the classroom.

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Higher Education & Life Counsel

Through one-on-one counseling regarding academic goals, we help students to apply and advance to higher education of their choice. Furthermore, school staffs are always eager to assist students in overcoming and adjusting to difficulties encountered while living in Japan.

Listing of schools our students have advanced to for higher education.

At SAMU Language School, we actively support our students’ advancement to vocational schools, universities and graduate schools. We have sent our students to over 100 schools for higher education placement.

Guraduates Schools 東京大学大学院、東京外国語大学大学院、立教大学大学院、埼玉大学大学院、法政大学大学院、大東文化大学院、上智大学院、東京経済大学院、横浜市立大学院
Universities 千葉大学、埼玉大学、福島大学、京都大学、北海道大学、名古屋大学、東京外国語大学、横浜国立大学、明治大学、拓殖大学、中央大学、東洋大学、法政大学、早稲田大学、東京農業大学、多摩美術大学、大東文化大学、文化女子大学、東京経済大学、桜美林大学、日本大学、国士舘大学、立教大学、亜細亜大学、目白大学、麗沢大学、専修大学、東京国際大学、東京工科大学、東京首都大学、神田外語大学
Community colleges 東京経済短期大学、山野美容芸術短期大学
Vocational colleges 日本電子専門学校、日本工学院専門学校、東京デザイン専門学校、東京製菓学校、東京外語専門学校、東京ビジュアルアーツ、東京コミュニケーションアート専門学校、国際電子会計専門学校、駿台トラベル&ホテル専門学校、ホスピタリティツーリスト専門学校、中野スクールオブビジネス、東京商科学院専門学校、JTBトラベル&ホテルカレッジ

Corporate History

SAMU Language School has a long history as a Japanese school; here is a guide to our footprints.

SAMU Language School was created in 1986 to offer Japanese language education to the international world and to welcome students from all parts of the world interested in learning about Japanese language and culture. We tailor our programs to fit the needs of a diverse group of students. Students come from Asia, Europe, all part of the world to study at SAMU Language School, in order to pursue their goals and dreams.

Students are able to enjoy a comfortable campus life in our brand new school building completed in 2012. SAMU Language School strives to continuously evolve and provide the best education to our students.

April 1986 “SAMU School of Japan” was established in Shinjuku ward
April 1995 “SAMU School of Japan” and “Shinjuku Language School” was combined to form “Samu Language School”, relocation of school
April 2003 Relocation of school
July 2006 Bridge Academy was established
April 2012 Moved to brand new school building

The characteristics of SAMU Language School

The characteristics of SAMU Language School #1:
Japanese education fill with fun lessons & cultural activities & events

SAMU Language School aims to make lessons fun, interactive, and match the educational needs of all students. Elective classes are available to Intermediate level and above students, in which students are able to strengthen weak subjects, and prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Exam. Preparation courses for the Examination for Japanese University Admission are also available.

At SAMU Language School, it is one of our missions to communicate with every student and assist in accomplishing students’ goals. Every year, a large number of our students pass the Japanese Proficiency Exam, achieve high scores on the Examination for Japanese University Admission, and advance to vocational schools, top universities and graduate schools. We also receive high appraisals from corporations.

Students are able to enjoy a fun and exciting campus life at SAMU Language School through various activities and events, such as Japan Cultural Day, which takes place every 3 months, bus trips, sport’s day, camp, and extracurricular activities.

The characteristics of SAMU Language School#2:
International group of students

We have students from countries such as China, Korean, Vietnam, Nepal, Burma, Sweden, Russia, Thailand and many other countries studying at SAMU Language School.

The characteristics of SAMU Language School #3:
Great location

SAMU Language School is located in Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo, 2 minutes walk from the Shin-Okubo Station. Libraries, banks, post offices and public facilities are conveniently nearby.

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The characteristics of SAMU Language School #4:
Culture Exchange with Bridge Academy

Students are able to experience culture exchange and use their Japanese skills with Japanese students from our sister school Bridge Academy. Communication skills are strengthened by interacting with native Japanese students through trips, culture exchange events, social gatherings and many other events.

The characteristics of SAMU Language School #5:
Exchange information at Alumni meeting!

Alumni reunion is held once a year to connect the alumni community, and it is a great opportunity to exchange information on various subjects. SAMU Language School graduates look forward to the meeting every year!

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