Messages from current students and graduates of SAMU Languase School


Pikhtina Yulia ピヒティナ ユリア
Home Country: Russia

Hello! I started living in Japan from April 2012.
I wanted to change my life that’s why I decided to come to Japan! Actually, my dream is to become a singer in Japan. So, I need to study Japanese and I am working intensively everyday to improve my Japanese.
The lessons at SAMU Language School are so interesting. Thank you to all the teachers at SAMU Language School. Japan is the best!!

朱 雨辰 シュウ ウシン
Home Country: China

I’ve been in Japan for only 5 months but life in Japan has been so enjoyable.
Thanks to the kind and dedicated teachers at SAMU Language School, my life in Japan has been an ease. In addition, SAMU Language School provides high quality programs with support for higher education advancement, and the teaching styles are easy to follow, making my study very smooth.
My goal right now is to enter a top university and I am doing my best to reach that goal!

Widmark Elin ウィードマーク エリン
Home Country: Sweden

I came to Japan to acquire the Japanese and English communication skills that are needed by growing global companies. The reasons that I chose SAMU Language School out of many other schools are due to SAMU Language School’s history, excellent records and higher education advancement program. Also, I find SAMU’s Bridge Academy to be very helpful. When I first arrived in Japan, it was difficult to find part time job by myself. Thanks to Bridge Academy, I was able to start part time work right after entering SAMU Language School. It was a big help. Thanks to SAMU Language School, I am able to receive high quality lessons, live comfortable and enjoy life in Japan!!

黄 太煥 ファン テ ファン
Home Country: Korea

My Japanese is improving day by day and everyday is filled with new challenges. In my A12 class, which Mr. Kadowaki is the homeroom teacher, I study together with friends from Korea, China, Vietnam, and Russia. I particularly like “Japanese Culture Day” that takes place once a month, where we get to experience interesting Japanese cultures such as kimono wearing, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy etc. I am aiming to further improve my Japanese skills.


Khadka Hira Kumar カダカ ヒラ クマル
Home Country: Nepal

I entered SAMU Language School in April 2010. In the beginning, I felt very alone being away from my family, but the teachers were very kind and taught me many things like family. I was able to enjoy my stay in Japan thanks to them. The reason I came to Japan was because of my great passion with Japanese cars. I wanted to learn about car engineering. Thanks to SAMU Language School, I am now able to communicate freely in Japanese and I am currently studying at Sundai Computer College.

Dolgosheina Elizaveta ドルゴシェイナ エリザベータ
Home Country: Russia

I was 16 years old when I first started learning Japanese. My decision to study in Japan was because I wanted to help my father, who owns a car business and visits Japan often. As I was only 16 when I entered SAMU Language School, I was young and preoccupied with having fun. That was when I spent much time enjoying with friends and shifted away from studying. The teachers at SAMU Language School were concerned and kind like fathers and mothers to me. I was helped by them in many ways. The staffs and teachers at SAMU Language School not only assisted me in educational related matters but also helped me with my living situations. They were truly my second family in Japan. I am very thankful to SAMU Language School.

張 恩洋 チョウ オンヨウ
Home Country: China

I am a big fan of Japanese anime!! I wanted to understand the original lines so I came to Japan and started learning Japanese. With a background in science and zero knowledge of Japanese, I started Japanese study from beginner level. However, I was able to improve my Japanese, advance to intermediate then advance level because teachers were so patient and lessons were so interesting. Now, I am studying in graduate school majoring in Japanese study. Thanks to SAMU Language School, I can understand Japanese anime and enjoy my stay in Japan.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong グェン ティ タイン フォン
Home Country:Vietnam

I took Japanese class back in Vietnam, but what brought me to Japan was Japanese anime and manga. Since I was a child, I was fascinated with Japan and wanted to study in Japan someday. SAMU Language School welcomed me and taught me Japanese and Japanese culture. Besides giving lessons, teachers also supported me on everyday living matters. Thanks to them, I was able to live independent away from my family in a foreign country without any problems. I am very grateful to the teachers at SAMU Language School. Thank you very much.

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