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Mr.Hajime Kadowaki (カドワキ ハジメ)

KadowakiTeacherThe Studying abroad life in Japan is hard. Living expenses are high, part time job gets busy and learning Japanese is not easy either. But studying at SAMU language school is so fun! It will become a valuable and unforgettable time for all of you.
There are students from various countries in our school. Please come to SAMU language school, make a lot of friends, and let’s enjoying studying together!!

Mr.Matsuo Tanigami (タニガミ マツオ)

Tanigami TeacherExperiencing a new culture may bring confusing,repulsive and surprising reactions but these reactions will bring you to a new world for they are preludes to discovering yourself. The lifestyle of a student is tiring but one can not succeed unless one studies hard. Passing grades may be stressful for some students. Sometimes students may feel homesick. I want to support those students.

Ms.Satomi Hoshino (ホシノ サトミ)

Hoshino TeacherWe support your feeling of wanting to study Japanese for your future with full effort. Everybody, let’s study and enjoy friends from various countries at SAMU language school for you. We are waiting in Japan!

Ms.Chie Haneishi (ハネイシ チエ)

Teacher HaneishiI always keep in mind that the language in the textbook and that of real life are somewhat different therefore I balance my classes with both in order to make it fun and authentic. Let’s study languages in SAMU Language School.

Ms. Mayumi Miyamoto(ミヤモト マユミ)


Ms.Mayu Mizuno(ミズノ マユ)

MizunoHello ! Greeting you cheerfully makes me feel great. The class will start by greetings. Come and study Japanese with us teachers and students from various countries. The classrooms are bright. There are not only classes but a variety of events which get us closer to each other. Let s make it an unforgettable experience. I look forward to greeting you cheerfully.

Ms.Kana Ito (イトウ カナ)


Ms.Yuumi Kaneko (カネコ ユウミ)


Ms.Ota Akiko (オオタ アキコ)

Teacher OtaLeaning Japanese is fun. Going abroad to study is a good experience to make friends from various countries. You get good advantage by being exposed to various ways of thinking and lifestyles from those around you. I also learn a lot from my students while teaching them Japanese. Some of my students who graduated from SAMU Language School 10 years ago sometimes come and visit me with their family unexpectedly. This makes me very happy because it shows we have built good relations. You can widen your knowledge and cultural awareness through studying Japanese.

Ms.Yasuko Imai (イマイ ヤスコ)

ImaiThere is a great number of students from various countries studying now at SAMU Language School. One of their most important purposes is to study Japanese and Japanese culture. However meeting students from all over the world is also important. I hope you will make many friends and learn from each other s culture and experience. It is a unique experience that you will be able to use actively.

Ms.Yumiko Tanaka (タナカ ユミコ)

TanakaWhen I was 21 years old I went to Australia on a working holiday. While there I taught Japanese and decided afterwards to make it my job. I passed a licence to teach Japanese and then at 27 years old went to Korea to teach. For about 10 years from 20 to 29 years old I chased my dream. You may not have decided what to do in your future yet but you have decided to study Japanese. Together, we can turn this decision into a very valuable experience. I hope this experience will definitely be fruitful for your life.

Ms.Sato Shiori(サトウ シオリ)


Ms.Anna Ishiwaki (イシワキ アンナ)

IshiwakiHi everyone !
Have you ever been to Japan ?
Those who have,how would you like to study ?
Those who will come for the first time,what would you like to know and experience ?
In the school we do not only study Japanese but a wide range of topics and themes such as culture and lifestyle.
Many types of teachers, nice teachers,fun teachers even scary teachers are waiting for you. I look forward to seeing you

Ms.Haruna Yokosuka(ヨコスカ ハルナ)


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